LA024: Union annexation passes in Firestone, federal bailout akin to SkyNet, and sparring with Betsy Markey

LA-w-ChrisOctober 6, 2008 Show

Oxygen by Dusty Hughes

Union annexation passes in Firestone
My take and opinion over the last year

Bailout = SkyNet?” about similarities¬†between real life and fiction

October 1 Candidate forum with sparring
between Musgrave’s speaker and Betsy Markey

Candidates Forum: 3rd Parties

The Onion’s “War For The Whitehouse”

Guest editorial “Let it go, Longmont” by Dave Larison
Letter to City Council by Richard Yale
both about Union Annexation

Fuzz by Lords of Fuzz, who will be in concert
Fri Oct 24th 8pm at the Soiled Dove in Denver

Runtime: 32:15

Contact info:
Skype ID: longmontadvocate
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