LP007:Camping in Longmont, Fracking,Jared Polis accused of being a Communist and inside trader

On this weeks Longmont Politics, we started off with restrictions on camping at Union Reservoir – with a segue to our new show “In The Field Camping Podcast“, followed by the proposed fracking regulations for Longmont.  We closed with U.S. Congressman Jared Polis and how a fellow congressman said he and others are basically communists, and the charges of insider trading against Mr. Polis – and glitter bomber (and Brandon Shaffer assistant) apologizes for assaulting Mitt Romney.  (Some material from Colorado Peak Politics, Times-Call, and Washington Post’s “The Fix”)

Music played in this show was “Alive” by Polaradio – courtesy of Music Alley.

Join Chris Rodriguez and his guests as they talk about the topics of the day. While the show will lean towards Longmont, Colorado with emphasis on politics, there’s no limit to where the show might go and may apply to your hometown. Leave a voicemail which we may use on-air at (720)924-1080

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