Longmont Politics Podcast

LP014: The public sounds off to council, and voter ID laws

On Episode 14 of Longmont Politics, we condensed 2 hours of public testimony at the May 22nd Longmont City Council meeting about oil/gas regulations down to about 25 minutes.  “Exceptional benefit”, aka the McCoy Annexation Extortion Scheme, was done away with at this meeting as well.  Longmont Area Dems (@longmontdems) goes on the attack of those they disagree with, and fraudulently pretending to hyperlink to this site – Longmont Politics.  Notice how we actually link to them, unlike them we’re not afraid of the competition, as unhinged as it is in this case. Finally I further expanded on my Times-Call letter about voter ID requirements.

Music played in this show was “Whatever You Say” by Modern Science – courtesy of Music Alley.

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