Longmont Politics Podcast

LP022: Brandon Shaffer’s rape rant and Hickenlooper targets Longmont

On Episode 22 of Longmont Politics we reminded listeners of the several missteps, mistakes, and voting record of State Senator Brandon Shaffer, especially when he had his own Todd Akin moment when he compared his plight to a rape victim (“it’s a little bit like blaming the woman or saying to a woman she deserved it“).

Then it was on to an impromptu rant about Hispanic/Latino voters and why they should never vote for or accept the patronizing attitude and pandering of Democrats/Liberal/Progressives.  Finally, we talked about Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper supporting the COGCC and their lawsuit against Longmont’s new oil regulations.

Music played in this show was “Fuzz” by Lords Of Fuzz – courtesy of Music Alley.

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