LP023: Anti-fracking ballot issue and lawsuits

On Episode 23 of Longmont Politics, Chris responded to a response to his “Brandon Shaffer’s Akin Moment” Times-Call guest opinion article, where the original Denver Post writer backs up exactly what Chris said.  Then it was on to Longmont City Councilmembers speaking out AGAINST the fracking ban that will be on the ballot, City of Longmont Ballot Question 300, or as it should be called “The Longmont Lawsuit Invitation Act“.  Erie took a different course, instead deciding on an agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) instead of regulations stricter than the state – or worse, a voter induced fracking ban.

Finally, I highlighted some wise words by Percy Conarroe and Paul Danish in reference to fracking and lawsuits.

Music played in this show was “Maybe It’s Just Me” by Dusty Hughes – courtesy of Music Alley.

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