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FF010: Confederate flags, crack, snakes, gum swallowing, sadistic dentists – and the student loan debate

Tonight on Episode 10 of Friendly Fire, Stephen continued with his new series “Weird and Wacky News” or “Hillbillies in Space” – take your pick.  We had fun with dresses made of Confederate flags, Say NO to crack, say YES to rollerskating,  real “snakes on a plane”, the trials and tribulations of swallowing your gum, withholding sex due to political persuasion, scorned dentists removing ex-boyfriends teeth, and shooting oneself with a dumbbell.

S.S. (Socialist Stephen) makes a pilgrimage to the capitalist mecca/monument of Las Vegas, NV – and gets pranked by Chris on the way home.

Oh, and in the more serious debate part of the show we talked about the recent events surrounding student loans and how Stephen believes the federal government should pay for it all (actually, just loan money for it).

We will be hosting a LIVE event of the Friendly Fire season finale Monday, June 11th at “A Bit of Billiards” in Longmont, Colorado.  On tonight’s show we had a call-in from one of our favorite fans/chatters Alissa and she talked about the karaoke providers and the venue.

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