Longmont Advocate Podcast

LA001: Inaugural show

April 13 is the official launch date for the Longmont Advocate Podcast!

It can now be found on the iTunes Store (search for Longmont, and look in Podcasts), which is the best way to subscribe. iTunes, the iTunes Store, and subscribing is all FREE.

Or you can go to and there are more ways to subscribe and listen.

The plan is for a weekly 30-40 minute show covering local issues. I hope you like it, you never know, you might be ON it.

Here are the show notes for the first show.

4/13/08 Inaugural Show
1st segment
Intro music Fuzz by Lords of Fuzz

Contact info:
Skype ID: longmontadvocate
message/fax: (206)666-4165

Subscribe on iTunes – search for Longmont in Podcasts

Topics: Show format, days, and times. Blogger roundup and Local Musicians Spotlight: Submit songs, especially long starts for bumper music. No royalties will be paid to ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC.

Most of the music provided tonight from the Podshow Podsafe Music Network, Check it out at We also have a page where we list everyone we play.

Advertising on show and/or on website.

Talked about host’s history, various blogs and websites, and this latest concept.

2nd segment
Drowning In You by Dusty Hughes

Explained show segments, ideas, and future plans.

Talked about Vote Longmont

3rd segment
Moving Backwards by Jeff Caylor

City Council Watch
Upcoming meeting agenda
Mall blight study and city council comments

Corpse In Denial by The Unknowns

Wikipedia LOGANS RUN Page
City council comments on our aging citizens

Old People by Odd Austin Aeshliman

Runtime: 35:57