Longmont Advocate Podcast

LA002: Windshield bugs, Vote Longmont, and City Council Watch

April 20, 2008 Show
1st segment
Intro music Fuzz by Lords of Fuzz

More on the bands Lords of Fuzz and The Unknown
Newly designed Longmont Advocate website up and running
Podcast launch stats and information

Special thanks to Jake at
Discussed new website Examiner and how my involvement with them came about.

Suena California by Sandy and The Surfsonics

2nd segment
Left Out by A Void

Bugs On The Windshield – discussed the consequences of putting yourself out there.
Longmont Report Typo and unintended benefits of it.
Phone call to Longmont Report

Tall Towers by Ethan Martucci

3rd segment
Come On by Primasonic

Vote Longmont info – Italian voter story

Dave Kopel, Jon Caldara, and the Independence Institute

Neighborhood Beat Event/Tamales and Talk
Longmont Public Information Officer Rigo Leal
Longmont City Neighborhood Resources Director Jon Clarke
Longmont City Councilmembers Blue, Levison, and Hansen

City Council Watch
April 15 meeting with large crowd in support of Sonia Marquez
Possible slanderous comments during Public Invited to be Heard
Firestone’s policy of swearing in speakers
Mayor and City Managers comments on their roles in regards to employees

City Council Agenda for April 22, 2008 Regular Session
Economic Vitality Advisory Group applicants and positions
Ordinance O-2008-27 Restrictions on Minor Drivers

El Viento by Justin Gordon

Runtime: 36:52